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It’s time to ditch the archaic style of the ‘buddy system’ or ‘ad-hoc training’ with my easy-to-follow, no-fluff method, so you can actually understand what applies to you, gain more confidence in your practice and showcase the knowledge you worked so hard to obtain.

Zoe Upson of Practical Property Legal Training

Practical Property Legal Training

Businesses I’ve Supported & Grown

Award Winning Course Creator. Speaker. Trainer. Zoe Upson

I’m Zoe, Great To See You Here!

Being around building sites & property development from an early age, to growing my own law firm, winning course creation awards and delivering expert training to over 1000 Paralegals, Legal Executives, Solicitors, and Conveyancers over the past 20 years, It’s fair to say I know a thing or to about the property industry.

 I’ve seen some fantastic practice, and some not-so-great too. I’ve been to an endless number of honestly boring live events, workshops or classes that love shoving no end of dull, irrelevant legislation down your throats.

I’ve worked with and in countless law firms where the training was the classic ‘buddy system’, paired with another staff member simply because they’re a half-decent conveyancer or have “always been the one to train new starters”.

Psst – If you still do this in your firm, this practice needs to change… and quick.

Years of being a director of my law firm, alongside consulting some of the biggest law firms and leading the implementation of both Practice Management Systems and Case Management Software, while heading up multiple training programs across the country, have shown me one thing….

The current training methods & styles for teaching property law are all wrong.

So if you’re a law firm who are ready to invest in the right training for your teams – FYI better  staff bring bigger profits – or a Conveyancer, Property Lawyer, Paralegal, or Estate Agent who is new to the scene, ready to improve what you do, and want the right guidance, assurance and support around you to make sure you’re doing everything right…

Then you’re in the right place.

I founded Practical Property Legal Training back in 2020 specifically for people like you.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Sink Or Swim

With Practical Property Legal Training, I’m on a mission to shake up the mundane and boring training methods when it comes to conveyancing & property law and create a supportive, safe space for conveyancers to get better at what they do, make expert training more digestible & accessible with an outside-of-the-box training style.

The longer I spent in the industry the quicker I grew tired of seeing really how poor legal training standards were.

How staff were being let down.

I believe to my core that just because you have a really good conveyancer, that doesn’t make them a good trainer. I’ve lost count of the amount of time a file or course notes are slid under your nose, and it’s, “Here you go, crack on with it”, only for months or years down the line where you think, oh, that’s what they were talking about, dig out those dusty course notes.

Maybe you’d get lucky with the odd ad-hoc training session here or there but the truth is, you’re made to feel like you’re left to sink or swim.

There are no real-life examples. Too much fluff and no facts. Just endless reams of notes taken that in truth, aren’t even relevant to the support you need with the case you’re working on.

Zoe leading a firm with CEO Operations Lead Compliance Expert

You need and deserve more than that. You need the right support to help you overcome those stressful, complex cases, to feel that you’re not alone and you need the right information at the right time.

For over a decade, I’ve provided real-life, working practical conveyancing training and law firm strategy that could be implemented there and then through bespoke in-person training, webinars, self-study & guided courses for firms and groups.

All Of The Results. None Of The Stress

“Even after 12 years of doing this job, there were things Zoe showed me that I just did not know.”
Member of The Conveyancing Club

I’m in the process of changing firms so I wanted to have that backup for any help and support.

Just how the conveyancing world is, you’ve got a lot of people sort of slinging mud at each other on platforms like LinkedIn, and that’s just not what Zoe or The Conveyancing Club community is about.

I like there are all different levels of experience in there and no one puts anyone down, no matter their experience level.

It’s so nice to see that people aren’t scared to ask these questions either. I found a lot of the time people are scared to ask what might be a simple question because they’re scared of the backlash. But here, you don’t get that at all. It’s all very much our community.

Everyone helps each other out. And you can always post anonymously as well, which I think helps if you’re really scared to ask the question.

What Practical Property Legal Training Can Do For You

Having access to the right information, alongside practical guidance and implementation is so important in the legal industry. And not just a snippet or snapshot, but a step-by-step support system to steer you in the right direction.

To ditch the fear of dread knowing you have a complex or confusing case to deal with yet have little to no relevant support or materials to help you along the way.

To have in-depth insights into the process around property law so you can steer the  transaction as an estate agent, never get caught out by the process and guide your clients with the right information.

PP Planning Webinar

But you’re over that. That feeling is a thing of the past.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and have an award-winning expert with over 2 decades of proven experience help you on your journey, whether that’s simply upskilling, changing roles or promotion, or training your team to the highest standard.

To get amongst the right support network and community of like-minded individuals to be the safety net you never had.

No waffle. No useless information. Just bundles of fun, personality and energy!

Let’s get to work…

Practical Property Legal Training Services

In-person Training & Speaking

Have a firm or small team and want in-person team training?
Have an event or conference you would like me to speak at?
I offer bespoke training & speaking packages depending on your needs.
Using real-life examples that allow you to walk out of the session, pick up a file and know exactly what to do.

Anything from:

  • Management companies
  • Planning permission and building regulations
  • Freehold property
  • Investigation of titles
  • Transfer of equity
  • S106
  • New build
  • Leasehold

Online Courses & Webinars

With hundreds of hours of training available, as well as tools, resources and downloadable content, The Practical Property Training hub is your one-stop shop for all things property law.

These bite-size, digestible and instantly implementable training programs, videos and webinars, are jam-packed with facts and none of the fluff.

Training like:

  • Residential Title Investigation
  • The Complete Guide to Leasehold Conveyancing
  • The Ultimate Guide to New Build Conveyancing Bundle
  • The Complete Guide to Planning Permission

Join The Conveyancing Club

The first community of its kind here to support conveyancers to keep their skills sharp, gain the promotion they deserve and have round-the-clock access to a network of peers 365 days a year.

Benefit from:

  • Monthly masterclasses, guest experts & training so you can stay up to date with the latest best practices and broaden your knowledge.
  • Practical guidance so you can gain experience and confidence in dealing with contract packs.
  • A growing community of like-minded conveyancers there as your safety net in tough times, and celebrate your wins in the good ones.

The Conveyancing Club Plus 1:1

Looking for some extra support to really accelerate your growth? Then Conveyancing Club Plus is the one for you.

Exclusive extras:

  • 2 exclusive 1-1 sessions every month to work through anything at all.
  • Monthly masterclasses, guest experts & training so you can stay up to date with the latest best practices and broaden your knowledge.
  • Practical guidance so you can gain experience and confidence in dealing with contract packs.
  • A growing community of like-minded conveyancers there as your safety net in tough times, and celebrate your wins in the good ones.

What The Conveyancing Community Has to Say

“I’m on the verge of getting my licence. I’ve passed my level 6 exams and become a licensed conveyancer, so I wanted to bolster my knowledge and just try to become a really good conveyancer.

I’ve put into practice the things in my daily work and I’ve noticed that I’ve become a better title checker, my leasehold work has really improved, and my new build knowledge has really improved.

There were things that I didn’t really understand before joining and now if I come across certain things it doesn’t faze me at all.

Zoe wants you to look at things from every angle, but the way she puts it across is quite light-hearted, and she’s very good at doing that just making you feel relaxed and you’re actually enjoying the learning.

This has all come from Zoe’s training and being a member of The Conveyancing Club.”

“I found Zoe through Linkedin offering quite a few courses on conveyancing. I was changing job roles at the time and knew I needed to learn more.

She’s so knowledgeable and really approachable, and her style is straight to the point.

There’s no going around the houses, she tells you what you need to know and why.

I’ve had a particular issue with complex files and complex new legislation, and it really gets you stressed out.

She puts on a training session for this query, and I watch them now before I begin these cases. Her no-fluff approach and style allowed me to just deal with the file straight from that.

I just feel more supported. Zoe’s got the experience and the knowledge to help you along the way and I just feel more inspired and confident in doing my job.

Step Into The New Era Of Property Legal Training Today

In-person Training & Speaking

Online Courses & Webinars

Join The Conveyancing Club

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