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Zoe Upson of Practical Property Legal Training

Hi, I’m Zoe Upson.

An Energetic Woman In The Legal Industry With 20+ Years Of Expert Experience Going Against The Grain And Doing Things Differently…

Surely not?

I’m on a mission to shake up the mundane and boring training methods of conveyancing & property law and create a supportive, safe space for conveyancers to get better at what they do, make training more digestible and accessible with an outside-of-the-box training style, and the first community of its kind in the industry… The Conveyancing Club.

I believe a change in the legal industry from our old, outdated training methods is needed, and it’s time for a fresh, innovative approach that teaches you exactly what you need to know, that are relevant to your needs specifically, so you’re not just left alone thinking “Am I really cut out for this?”

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane…

In the early 80’s my property journey started right from the off.

From an early age, my after-school and summer holiday clubs were on the building site and offices. My family were always in and around the trade, so it felt like home from home for me.

In 1992 my career began to take off.

An estate agency headhunted me, and my love for property saw me quickly progress, hitting consistent regional targets and working with solicitors allowed my knowledge and skill set to expand. It was at this point I bought my first-ever property.

Just 3 years later with a thirst for more, I took on the role of a mortgage advisor and eventually underwriter in one of the top 5 banks.

I began to study for my law degree in the evenings, and after years of development and hard work, I qualified.

I really began to grow my property portfolio in the early 2000’s. That first property 8 years previous gave me the bug to scale, so I started up my property development business.

During this time of qualifying, starting the business and working with so many different industries and experts, I knew it was time to take the next step. In 2001 I officially began my training contract as a solicitor, which eventually saw me training colleagues within CILEX and conveyancing.

This was the year I first started to see how much impact the right training could have on others in the industry.

The more my skills grew, the more training I carried out, the more it hit me that I could make a difference, and from what people told me, I was pretty good at it too.

For the next 15 years, I continued adding and developing properties in my portfolio, and when it came to training, I soon became the person people wanted to be trained by.

“Can we have Zoe?” they would ask. I have to admit this took a while to get used to, but I was glad my ‘unique’ teaching style resonated with so many.

She’s so knowledgeable and really approachable, and her style is straight to the point.

There’s no going around the houses, she tells you what you need to know and why.

I’ve had a particular issue with complex files and complex new legislation, and it really gets you stressed out.

She puts on a training session for this query, and I watch them now before I begin these cases. Her no-fluff approach and style allowed me to just deal with the file straight from that.

I just feel more supported. Zoe’s got the experience and the knowledge to help you along the way and I just feel more inspired and confident in doing my job.

This was a big breakthrough year for me. I took things up a notch and became the director and shareholder of a law firm.

Time to be a grown up I thought.

It started so well. Over the next three years, the firm continued to grow and we went from a team of three to over 20, and I was leading all of the training not just within my company, but in a consulting role for others.

Was however starting to see cracks

I hated how the training methods of the buddy system were set up, yet you were made to feel like you had no clue what you were doing.

I was struggling with the daily balance of having a young child, leading a top firm  – and all the stress that comes with it – and doing everything in between, I was slowly burning out.

The decisions became harder and harder, and eventually, my body said, “No, this is enough”, and before I knew it I was being told I needed an operation.

This changed everything for me.

I had to take a step back for my health and my family, and that’s what I did, deciding to go in a different direction.

I left the law firm director’s life behind and started looking at what I really love… training and teaching others. I began by training on law firm systems, and how to implement and embed these in firms, and I loved it.

I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

That year, when a certain COVID struck, was the year my online presence and training came into its own.

I formally founded Practical Property Legal Training with a dream of providing practical conveyancing training and law firm strategy that could be implemented there and then using real-life examples from 20 + years of experience in the field.

With the world shutting down physically, I was able to channel all of my passion and energy into my unique teaching style and help not just teams within law firms, but solopreneurs too.

My natural method of straight-to-the-point teaching, coupled with using real-life examples and not just theoretical ones was really helping people.

The more training I recorded and delivered the more I found my groove and the success stories kept flooding in.

 The legal professionals I was teaching were getting promotions. They were feeling more confident. They finally felt like they knew what they were doing and more importantly…

They didn’t feel alone and unsupported.

Are you ready to feel the same?

Zoe X 

Our Next Steps Together

Whether you need bespoke training for yourself or your business, access to a wide variety of self-study and guided online courses, or are ready to join other conveyancers in the first conveyancing community of its kind, there’s something below for you.

In-person Training & Speaking

Bespoke training & speaking packages depending on your needs using real-life examples that allow you to walk out of the session, pick up a file and know exactly what to do.
What are you waiting for?

Online Courses & Webinars

The Practical Property Training hub is your one-stop shop for bite-size, digestible and instantly implementable training programs, videos and webinars, jam-packed with facts and none of the fluff.

Join The Conveyancing Club

The first community of its kind here to support conveyancers to keep their skills sharp, gain the promotion they deserve and have round-the-clock access to a network of peers 365 days a year.

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