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Ready to invest in your team and your business's future with bespoke, expert training?

For over 20 years I’ve built, consulted in & trained law firms up and down the country, delivered conferences and helped take the stress & pressure away from Directors and Executives when it comes to having the best-trained staff available.

Zoe Upson of Practical Property Legal Training

Invest In Your People.
Invest In Your Future.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

The buddy system and occasional ad-hoc training session you’re using to train staff belongs in the 90’s. Your staff deserve better. Your business deserves more.

What I’ve seen over the years of training law firms is the feeling that spending out on external training is a waste of money. You can save a few pounds by doing it yourself, you’ve gotten by just fine up to this point right?

But what about your staff? Their progression? Your workforce’s future?

The fact is, a happier, more supported, higher skilled workforce is exactly why your business will continue to grow and increase revenue.

I’ve witnessed law firms experience a huge return on investment within just one month of training with their team.


Bespoke Speaking & Legal Training For Your Team’s Needs

I know every team or event has different needs, which is why no two training packages I offer are the same.

Some of the training or speaking packages I’ve delivered have covered a wide array of topics, and all are completely customisable depending on what your requirements are.

Training & speaking engagements delivered in the past have covered topics such as New Build regulation.  Leasehold.  Management companies.  Buy to let. Companies.  Private roads & rights of way.  Enquiries and due diligence.  Sales packs.  Planning permission and building regulations. Land registry.  Wood burners. Developments.  Winning and retaining clients.  Freehold property.  Check titles.  Investigation of titles.  Unregistered land.  Mortgages.  Estate agents - winning relationships and working together.  Restrictions.  Easements.  Covenants.  Remortgaging.  Transfer of equity.  Sales Enquiries.  S106.  Listed Buildings. Leasehold Conveyancing  New build conveyancing Problems with new build conveyancing And more.

What Firms Have Said

To learn more and see how I can help you, your team, event or conference, click the button below and complete an enquiry form. Once received I’ll review it, make sure we’re a match and be in touch!

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