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…created so you can walk away from each session with the knowledge, tools & resources so you know exactly what you’re looking for, what to do and how to implement in your cases the very same day.

  • Simple, engaging, easy-to-follow training programs using real-life examples, not just theoretical ones.
  • Stay up to date with the latest gold standard practice, and finally feel like you know what you’re doing when it comes to property law.
Planning Conditions and Enforcement Changes

26th June 2024
1 hour webinar

Planning Conditions and Enforcement Changes

Onerous planning conditions are increasing, you need to know what your obligations are.
By the end of this webinar you’ll know the different types of planning conditions and exactly what you’re doing with them and be on the look out for some sneaky ones that are cropping up that may effect your clients buying decision. 
Leasehold Conveyancing webinar

10th July and 17th July 2024
1 hour webinar series

Get to grips with unregistered land

Unregistered land is like Marmite. Love it or hate it. It’s out there and will be for a lot of years yet. So let’s get to grips with Epitome of Titles and unravelling a title so you can fly through an unregistered contract pack.  

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